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Emergency Medicine Staffing

Take your medical career in a new and more rewarding direction with WPA Emergency Staffing, the only Physicians Cooperative of its kind in the U.S

Currently, the health care provider shortage has created many opportunities for emergency care physicians to choose locum tenens as a smart option for extra income or a full time, flexible career path.

Here is what you can expect when you join WPA:

   •     Control of your work schedule and location

   •     Competitive market-driven compensation

   •     Transparency: knowing what WPA and you earn at all times

   •     80/20 Rule for compensation

   •     Travel and lodging reimbursed

   •     100% incentive and extra holiday pay is yours

We are a company owned and operated by emergency physicians. At WPA Emergency Medicine Staffing, LLC, you will work with fellow practitioners who understand you, share similar goals and strive for the highest quality standards.

If you are looking for a new option for your career or want to generate extra resources, join us!

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dmarxhsDavid Marx, MD 
FACEP ABEM Certified

One year ago, I chose to explore locums, particularly WPA.  I was tired. I was burned out.  Tired of the scheduling, tired of trading to get a shift off.  Just tired and burned out.  But, I was not ready to give up on a career that I liked and found challenging.  A year later, I love my work.  I make my own schedule.  I work where I want to and when I want to.  I have time to work hard.  I have time to play and spend meaningful time with family or life simply outside of the ED.  I am appreciated and paid well.  I know my career lives for another day, another shift.  I feel ready and refreshed to get back into the trenches. On my time.



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