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Your Schedule

Set your schedule according to your availability.  You pick when and where you work on any given cycle. The rewards for your personal life and your career are significant when you have control of your shifts and hospitals.

Career Satisfaction

Medical professionals who work as a locum tenens practicioner enjoy their work even more. They know they can control their environment of work.  They get to pick their ideal facilities and locations to practice. Locums professionals escape the added overhead of full-time positions and work your craft to the fullest.

Life Balance

Locum tenens lifestyle gives you back your life. You control your shifts and locations.  Now, you can choose to be with family on holidays, attend a recital or just chill when you need it.

Top Four Benefits Ranked by Locum Tenens Practitioners


New Life with Locum Tenens

One year ago, I chose to explore locums, particularly WPA.  I was tired. I was burned out.  Tired of the scheduling, tired of trading to get a shift off.  Just tired and burned out.  But, I was not ready to give up on a career that I liked and found challenging.  A year later, I love my work.  I make my own schedule.  I work where I want to and when I want to.  I have time to work hard.  I have time to play and spend meaningful time with family or life simply outside of the ED.  I am appreciated and paid well.  I know my career lives for another day, another shift.  I feel ready and refreshed to get back into the trenches. On my time.

David Marx, MD FACEP ABEM Certified


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